Chinese radios or a Kenwood TH-D75?

The Kenwood TH-D75, a revamped version of the TH-D74, is now available with an eye-watering price tag of $750. No, that’s not a typo, Kenwood are really expecting you to fork out SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars (or Pounds or Euros) for a handheld radio. Lets take a look at what you could get from China for that kind of money.

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Upgrading the Super Antenna with cheap Chinese parts

Let me be clear from the start, the Super Antenna MP1 is a good antenna. I have one myself that I use for operating portable. The main reason I chose it was because of the extremely compact size when disassembled. You see, I tend to go out on my bicycle, and while taking a fiberglass “squid pole” is possible, it’s a bit of a pain having a chunky pole strapped to the crossbar. With a few cheap mods, we can improve it from being a good antenna into a great antenna!

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How China is influencing the future of ham radio

The future of ham radio as a hobby is a topic that has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. With the rise of new technologies like software-defined radio and cheap hardware, the hobby is poised for a major transformation. While some hams see these technologies as the future of amateur radio, others worry that they are eviscerating some of the best things about it.

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Our first month online!

Today marks our one month anniversary (birthday?), and as you will see, we’ve been very busy bringing you the latest and greatest in Chinese ham radios.

We’ve been adding a heap of new radios and have also added a whole new section on antennas too. We’ve also been getting quite a bit of attention after being featured on some very popular websites.

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Exploring Chinese Alternatives to Branded Ham Radio Products

Ham radio enthusiasts often find themselves searching for the perfect equipment to enhance their radio communication experiences. While established brands like Icom, MFJ, and Super Antenna have long been trusted sources for quality ham radio products, Chinese manufacturers have been gaining recognition for their affordable, feature-rich alternatives. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some Chinese alternatives to well-known ham radio products, highlighting how these offerings can provide excellent performance without breaking the bank.

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Latest Xiegu X6100 firmware update enables wfview

Xiegu has released firmware version 1.1.7 for the Xiegu X6100 radio. This update introduces several new features and improvements.

The biggest new addition is support for the wfview remote control software, which allows you to control and monitor the X6100 from a computer or mobile device over WiFi or Ethernet. You can view the radio’s spectrum display on a larger screen and control functions from a keyboard or numeric keypad. Wfview works on Linux, Mac, and Windows computers.

This update also improves the battery management system. It now uses the built-in fuel gauge to measure battery capacity rather than just voltage. The release notes provide instructions for recalibrating the fuel gauge after updating through 4 full charge/discharge cycles. It also changes the charging indicator lights and how low battery is detected.

Some other notes mention that the best performance is achieved when connected to your network via an external USB Ethernet dongle, instead of the internal wifi. This makes for a much more reliable connection. As always, be sure to read the full update logs for any other details or precautions regarding the new firmware.

If you have an X6100, now would be a good time to update to the latest firmware version 1.1.7 to gain wfview support and improved battery monitoring. Just be aware it may take a few charge cycles for the fuel gauge to calibrate accurately after installing the update.

Xiegu X6100 firmware files.

Ham Radio Lifestyles of the Poor and Shameless

Let’s face it, ham radio as a hobby has a pretty high barrier to entry. First you have to study, then pass the exam, then potentially spend thousands on equipment to actually get on the air and start making contacts. We take a look at how the more budget constrained (or just tight fisted) can set up a station without breaking the bank.

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Temu – Tempting prices, but at what cost?

You may have heard of Temu, the latest Chinese marketplace to gain popularity in the west. In the vast world of online marketplaces, it’s essential to exercise caution and make informed decisions about the platforms we choose. Temu Marketplace, has garnered attention due to its questionable practices and concerns surrounding user privacy. We explore some of the shady business practices associated with Temu and emphasize the importance of opting for the website over the app.

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