Talkpod A36Plus

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At just over 3 ounces the Talkpod A36Plus fits easily in the hand. Rated for temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, this radio seems durable enough for outdoor use.

Baofeng UV-13 Pro

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The Baofeng UV-13 Pro offers convenient charging options with a USB-C cable that can power it from sources like power banks, laptops, cars, and wall adapters.


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T-TWR Plus is the ultimate development board for ambitious tech enthusiasts. With integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a SA868 Wireless Transceiver, this board allows you to create your own custom handheld radio.

Baofeng UV-17

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The Baofeng UV-17 is essentially an upgraded UV-5R featuring 999 memory channels, CTCSS/DCS support, and a 1.44-inch LCD screen for clear and versatile operation. Its USB Type-C charging capability and user-friendly programming options make it a modern and convenient choice for both amateur radio users and professionals.

Lanch NLH HG-UV98

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A well-rounded radio that offers a variety of features for a reasonable price. It is a good choice for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile radio for outdoor use. One of the few Chinese radios to feature APRS.