Xiegu X6100

Xiegu X6100




Guide Price

RRP ($):620
RRP (£):500
RRP (€):580



The Xiegu X6100 is a portable HF transceiver with a built in LiPo battery. It uses an SDR architecture to provide excellent performance. It’s built into a compact form factor made for enjoying the fun of operating HF portable.

The Xiegu X6100 uses independent baseband and radio frequency units. The baseband unit provides control, advanced data processing, signal digitization processing, and multimedia interface functions. New functions can be continuously added through firmware upgrades and there have been updates both from Xiegu, and from the community. The radio frequency unit adopts a SDR architecture to receive and transmit radio signals. Using a dual-channel structure with separate transmission and reception, combined with a 24-bit sampling and large dynamic RF front-end unit, it provides an extremely high radio dynamic range.

It provides two USB ports, supporting HOST and DEVICE, and supports an external TF card to store channel information or voice information. An ACC interface is provided, and it can be connected to an XPA125B amplifier via a dedicated cable to automatically control it. A 3.5mm key interface is provided for the connection of both straight and iambic Morse keys. It provides a speaker out port, which can be used with an external speaker or an earphone (selectable in the menu). It also provides an I/Q signal output interface, which is used to connect external equipment, or desktop SDR software.


  • 4″ high-brightness high-resolution color screen (800×480 pixels). Equipped with a powerful quad-core mobile processor, 4G ROM, and 512M RAM.
  • It has all the elements that a portable SDR radio should have. Built-in rechargeable battery pack, built-in high-performance automatic antenna tuner, built-in microphone, and SWR scanner
  • The high-performance SDR platform can meet your portable operation needs. Comparable to desktop transceiver functions, such as recording QSOs, variable bandwidth digital filters, digital noise reduction, etc.
  • Powerful baseband processing and control platform supports a wide range of applications. Supports native Bluetooth/wifi connections.

Xiegu X6100 Key Features

  • HF/50MHz full mode (supports digital modes such as FT8/FT4)
  • Transmitting power: 5W on internal battery and 10w with external 13.8V supply
  • 4″ high-resolution color screen, 800*480
  • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery pack (3500mAh, 12V)
  • Built-in high-efficiency automatic antenna tuner (ATU)
  • Integrated standing wave scanner
  • Integrated sound card, preset message and CW automatic call
  • Native Bluetooth/wifi function can realize wireless audio/key/ mouse operation
  • Integrated USB cable control/transmission, support USB HOST
  • Standard high stability TCXO internal clock source




Maximum RF output (watts):10


Minimum operating voltage:9
Maximum operating voltage:15
Battery capacity (mAh):3500


Width (mm):180
Height (mm):86
Depth (mm):49
Weight (g):880
Connectors:BNC, Microphone, Morse Key, DATA Port, ACC Port, Speaker Out, USB Port, CAT


Year of release:2021
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