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HamGeek PMR-171 radio


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RRP ($):875
RRP (£):700
RRP (€):815



Introducing the HamGeek PMR-171: A Versatile “Shack in a Box” transceiver from China.

The PMR-171 is an innovative radio that combines functionality and portability. It covers HF, 6m, 2m, and 70cms, making it incredibly versatile. Packed with modern features like Bluetooth control and optional DMR support, it stands out as an exceptional transceiver.

Manufactured and sold by HamGeek (Guohetec), the PMR-171 is an ultra-portable, all-band (100kHz to 2GHz) all-mode SDR radio. It even offers optional DMR support. With its dual VFO modes, the radio supports split-frequency operation, intermediate frequency offset adjustment, fine tuning, noise suppression, AGC speed selections, RF gain and squelch controls, integral pre-attenuator processing, integrated AM/FM broadcast receivers, automatic sleep and transmit-time-out timers, CAT and configuration cloning capabilities. In short, the PMR-171 is a cutting-edge solution for field and QRP operations.

The interface of the PMR-171 is user-friendly, featuring a high-resolution LCD display with adjustable backlight brightness. The keypad also offers selectable brightness levels, ensuring clear and easy readability even in outdoor conditions.

As a modern multi-function SDR platform, the HamGeek PMR-171 supports the QRadioBLE mobile app, enabling wireless control via Bluetooth. When a wired connection is preferred, the integrated internal sound card and serial control interface can be accessed using a single USB cable. This allows compatibility with a wide range of standard amateur radio software on various host computing platforms.

The PMR-171 boasts advanced features typically found in large base-station radios. It supports dual VFO mode, split-frequency operation, intermediate frequency offset adjustment, receiving frequency fine-tuning, intermediate frequency noise suppression, AGC speed selection, RF gain adjustment, squelch control, pre-attenuator, AM/FM broadcast reception, built-in CW automatic keying, automatic key point ratio adjustment, built-in CTCSS analog subtone, automatic sleep function, transmission timeout function (TOT) timers, computer-aided control functions, and data cloning options. These features reinforce its concept as a top-notch radio.


To enhance its portability, the PMR-171 includes a modular 5Ah battery-carrier. This battery carrier is designed for self-contained field radio deployments and can be supplemented with dual battery backup to significantly extend operation times. Moreover, the radio’s ultra-low power consumption ensures efficient use of battery power. For those who prefer fixed station or vehicle/mobile setups, the PMR-171 also features a standardized external 9v-18v DC power input with reverse polarity protection.

Many people have noticed that once the battery is affixed, the rear ports are covered up and inaccessible. The radio does come with a short jumper cable that allows you to use the battery and still access these ports, which you will need to utilise to attach a Morse key, for example. For digital modes and CAT control, you can alternatively use Bluetooth instead of the USB-C port.

PMR-171 Accessories

HamGeek have developed a range of military-style accessories such as carriers and handsets, as shown in the accompanying photos.

PMR-171 Internal Modules

The optional modules for the PMR-171 are available separately:




Bands: / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Modes:AM, CW, FM, USB, LSB
Memory channels:100


Minimum RF output (watts):1
Maximum RF output (watts):20


Minimum operating voltage:9
Maximum operating voltage:18
Battery voltage:14.2
Battery capacity (mAh):5000


Width (mm):166
Height (mm):50
Depth (mm):220
Weight (g):1700
Connectors:BNC, TNC, Microphone, Morse Key, DATA Port, ACC Port, Speaker Out, USB Port, CAT


Also known as:Guohetec PMR-171
Year of release:2023
Reviews available:eHam reviews
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