Xiegu G106

Xiegu G106 front




Guide Price

RRP ($):250
RRP (£):250
RRP (€):250



The Xiegu G106 is a 5 watt QRP transceiver with a general coverage receiver 0.55-30 MHz with SSB/CW/AM transmit capabilities in the 80 to 10 meter amateur radio bands, WARC bands included. The G106 also have Wide FM receive in the broadcast FM band 88-108 MHz.

The Xiegu G106 is based on an SDR architecture with 16bit sampling to deliver superior performance. It has a digital CW filter with three bandwidths to help you fight interference and get more clear reception of weak signals. With the optional external DE-19 digital adapter, it can be connected to a PC for working digital modes including FT8.

As an entry-level portable SDR transceiver, G106 will be the perfect HF transceiver to start explore the bands with SSB, CW and exciting digital modes like FT8. It’s compact size means it will fit into even the smallest kit for operating portable.

Xiegu G106 Features

  • High-performance SDR 16-bit circuit
  • Compact, robust and user friendly
  • General coverage HF receiver (0.55MHz to 30MHz)
  • Transmit in all amateur radio bands 3.8~29.7MHz (80m up to 10m)
  • WFM broadcast receiving in 88-108 MHz
  • Digital modes option capable
  • Computer control ready (with optional interface)


The G106 is a simple to operate radio, ideal for a newcomer to the amateur radio hobby. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of it’s bigger brother, the Xiegu G90, it will quickly get you on the air and making contacts for a very reasonable price. Starting out in the hobby can be very expensive, so this is a great way to save some money for the all important antenna, and other accessories. The compact size means this is an ideal radio for taking out portable, and with such a low price, you won’t cry too much if you happen to drop it on a rock!




Bands: / / / / / / / / /
Modes:AM, CW, USB, LSB


Maximum RF output (watts):5


Minimum operating voltage:9
Maximum operating voltage:16


Width (mm):120
Height (mm):40
Depth (mm):135
Weight (g):720
Connectors:BNC, Microphone, Morse Key, DATA Port, ACC Port, CAT


Year of release:2022
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