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RRP ($):865
RRP (£):700
RRP (€):815



The UA3REO Wolf radio has some impressive specs for an all-band transceiver. Featuring DDC/DUC technology, it can receive across 0-750MHz with full mode support – an extremely wide range.

Based on an open source design by UA3REO, the Wolf looks to be an incredibly versatile and capable transceiver. Development started in 2018 with complete radios becoming available in 2023. The ever growing community around this radio is coming up with some great new features and making improvements to the firmware all the time.

Some key specs and features include:

  • Receiving bandwidth of 0-750MHz
  • Transmit range of 0-200MHz and 360-480MHz
  • Maximum power output of 20W on shortwave and 7W on VHF/UHF (some versions such as the HamGeek RS-998 have also been modified for 100w output)
  • Modulation support for CW, LSB, USB, AM, FM, WFM and digital modes
  • Built-in 16-bit ADC with dynamic range of ~100dB
  • Low-noise amplifier and adjustable attenuator from 0-31dB
  • Band-pass filters for selectivity

It has a large 7-inch capacitive touch display driven by a powerful FPGA chip. Built-in functions like CW decoding and even an FT8 decoder are quite useful. 16GB of onboard storage via TF card allows for audio recordings and playback. Upgrades to the firmware are also applied via the TF card.

Additional pros are WiFi connectivity, dual antenna ports, open source software customization, and a rugged aluminum enclosure. Running from a 13.8V supply, it draws around 0.7A receive and up to 15A on transmit.

With its wide frequency coverage, flexible modes, recording/network capabilities and open source design, the Wolf seems like a powerful all-in-one option.

N4GW has made a nice video comparing the original 20w version and the RS-998 100w version.




Maximum RF output (watts):20w (HF) / 7w (VHF/UHF)


Maximum operating voltage:13.8


Width (mm):340
Height (mm):157
Depth (mm):177
Connectors:SO239, SMA, Line In, Microphone, Morse Key, ACC Port, Speaker Out, USB Port


Also known as:HamGeek RS-998, Zastone ZT-7500
Year of release:2023