Talkpod A36Plus

Talkpod A36Plus


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Guide Price

RRP ($):46
RRP (£):37
RRP (€):43



At just over 3 ounces the Talkpod A36Plus fits easily in the hand. Rated for temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, this radio seems durable enough for outdoor use.

The A36Plus stands out with its full-color 1.44 inch LCD display, making it simple to check the channel number and signal strength at a glance. One unusual feature is that VFO/Channel mode is switched independently, so A can be in Channel mode while B is in VFO mode, or vice versa. Its ergonomic design includes 2 programmable side buttons that can be assigned to different functions to suit your use case. Audio quality comes through clearly thanks to the 1w front facing speaker.

This radio’s 1500mAh lithium-ion battery provided around 10 hours of use on a single charge, which is added via a USB-C socket, meaning it can be easily topped up from a power bank or car charger out in the field. It’s IP54 rated, so should withstand light rain or the odd splash.

Transmit power tops out at a respectable 5 watts, with 2w and 0.5w settings also available. 256 memory channels allow organizing frequencies as needed.

The Talkpod A36Plus offered reliable performance at an affordable price point. Its ease of use and good battery life make it a quality choice for recreation or outdoor communication needs.

Frequency coverage:

  • 65-108MHz (FM Broadcast RX)
  • 108-136MHz (AM Airband RX)
  • 136-174MHz RX/TX
  • 220-260MHZ RX/TX
  • 350-390MHz RX/TX
  • 390-470MHz RX/TX
  • 470-520MHz RX/TX




Bands: / / / / /
Modes:AM, FM
Memory channels:256


Minimum RF output (watts):0.5
Maximum RF output (watts):5


Battery voltage:3.7
Battery capacity (mAh):1500


Width (mm):52
Height (mm):110
Depth (mm):28
Weight (g):210
Connectors:SMA, Microphone, Speaker Out, USB Port


Year of release:2022
CHIRP compatible:Yes