Baofeng UV-13 Pro

Baofeng UV-13 Pro


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Guide Price

RRP ($):23
RRP (£):18
RRP (€):21



The Baofeng UV-13 Pro offers convenient charging via a USB-C cable that can power it from sources like power banks, laptops, cars, and wall adapters.

Equipped with a large 1.44-inch screen, users can easily see channel names and frequencies. You can easily swap the display between channel name and frequency by long pressing the Menu button, which is a lot more convenient than some of the other Baofeng models. Hands-free operation via VOX lets you transmit without having to physically press the PTT button.

It has a claimed IP45 rating, so it should be a able to handle being outside in some light drizzle, but don’t try dunking it in a bucket of water! Some sellers are also claiming it has 10w output, but tests show 5w is much more realistic.

Covering VHF and UHF bands, the Baofeng UV-13 Pro includes three scanning modes – channel, frequency range, and CTCSS/DCS tone. This allows comprehensive monitoring across its frequency range.

Dual watch mode and sync display provide added flexibility on the Baofeng UV-13 Pro. Additional features include 999 memory channels, CTCSS/DCS codes, dual-band display, dual standby, a built-in flashlight, VOX, monitor function, low battery alerts, FM, wide/narrow band selection, auto keypad lock, and manual or PC programming.




Bands: /
Memory channels:999


Maximum RF output (watts):5


Battery voltage:3.7
Battery capacity (mAh):1800


Width (mm):55
Height (mm):130
Depth (mm):36
Connectors:SMA, Microphone, Speaker Out, USB Port


Also known as:Baofeng TP8Plus
Year of release:2022