Baofeng DM-1701

Baofeng DM-1701


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RRP ($):63
RRP (£):50
RRP (€):58



The Baofeng DM-1701 is a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) device that offers attractive features and great value for money.

The DM-1701 is a multi-functional device with a 1.77″ color TFT display. It offers the ability to scan analog and digital channels, manual programming, DTMF, VFO, SMS, emergency alarm, digital monitor mode, CTCSS and CDCSS, color codes, and DMR encryption. The device also features five customizable keys for faster access to these features, allowing for a more streamlined user experience.

The DM-1701 CPS supports mass editing, enabling users to handle complex application requirements with ease. This makes it easier to write codeplugs. Furthermore, firmware and software upgrades for new functions are provided free of charge throughout the lifetime of the device.

One of the key features of the DM-1701 is its support for Direct Mode Dual Slot (DMO True 2 Time Slot) communication. This allows for two groups of calls at a single frequency point simultaneously, doubling communication efficiency and conserving valuable frequency resources. The device is also compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier I & II and other DMR radios.

The DM-1701 comes with a programming cable for easier PC programming (compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 only). We also have a dedicated fan base on Facebook groups and our website, providing tips and advice for using the radio.

The DM-1701 is a cost-effective DMR HT on the market, with solid hardware construction and user-friendly programming software. It delivers excellent DMR compatibility and crystal clear audio. Its lightweight design, high capacity battery, and user-customizable design make it suitable for both experienced and new HAM users.

Baofeng DM-1701 Programming

Users can apply the [.rdt] template file that saves all the custom settings to the radio through CPS. The DM-1701 template can be used with the MD-380/MD-2017/MD-9600. The device is also backward compatible with SMA-Female Antennas and features a 2-Pin K-plug port for most radio accessories. It is compatible with original Baofeng accessories and Radioddity antenna, PTT speaker Mic, etc. A USB Programming Cable is included, and the firmware is upgradeable.

The DM-1701 offers large storage with 3,000 Channels, 10,000 Talk Groups, and 120,000 Contacts. Channel selection can be switched by the top rotate knob or by inputting the channel number via the keypad. CPS supports mass editing on channels and contact IDs, importing and exporting them with CSV format, which makes it easier to write code-plugs and handle more complex application requirements.

DMR Features

The Baofeng DM-1701 supports the DMR protocol, including single call, group call, and all call. It also supports two-way radio detection, call alert, remote monitoring, remote inhibit/kill, and SMS Data transmission function. Digital alarm function and encryption are also available, with encryption supporting calling between the DM-1701 devices only. In digital mode, you can monitor the color code, time slot, frequency, and contact ID.

The DM-1701 provides five user-defined keys based on user habits. Three side keys are designed as the default setting, P1&P2 are blank setting, and users can change their setting by PC programming.

The DM-1701 supports the DMR data function, allowing for sending and receiving messages. The maximum length of each message is 144 characters and less than 50 lines.

Designed for both commercial and amateur usage, the DM-1701 has a high-quality housing and a strong spring belt clip that makes it more portable. The 2200mAh Li-ion battery has an endurance of 48 hours. Equipped with an original Baofeng or Radioddity SMA-F antenna, its talking range can be up to 3-10 km (1.8-6.2 miles) under most circumstances.

In conclusion, the Baofeng DM-1701 is a DMR radio that offers value for money without compromising on performance or features. Its wide range of capabilities, user-friendly design, and robust digital function make it a suitable choice for any amateur radio enthusiast. Consider the DM-1701 for your next Ham radio operations.




Bands: /
Modes:FM, DMR
Memory channels:3000


Minimum RF output (watts):1
Maximum RF output (watts):5


Battery voltage:7.4
Battery capacity (mAh):2200


Width (mm):55
Height (mm):150
Depth (mm):35
Connectors:SMA, Microphone, Speaker Out


Year of release:2019
CHIRP compatible:Yes
Reviews available:eHam reviews